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Particle Bombardment Apparatus





Genepro 2000He is a particle acceleration apparatus, that enables acceleration of DNA coated micro-projectiles using pressurized Helium in combination with a partial vacuum. Micro-projectiles are accelerated directly in a high-velocity stream of helium to deliver DNA to target cells. Once incorporated into the interior of the cell, they induce biological transformation i.e. alteration of the genetic makeup of the target material. Particle bombardment offers a method for the transfer of exceptionally wide range of traits that are difficult to achieve with any other method. Genepro 2000He is the most useful apparatus, which is functional, simple to use and easy to maintain.

Biotechnologists can now direct the movement of specific and useful segments of genetic material between related or unrelated organisms to alter, add or remove a character of choice in a target material and to tap a large pool of desirable characteristics from other varieties or even from unrelated species.

Variety of targets like leaf, meristems, pollen, cultured plant cells, animal cells, mammalian cell lines, bacteria, yeasts, embryogenic callus cultures, hypocotyls, immature embryos, scutellum, calli, cotyledons are a few examples.

Theoretically, any type of cell, tissue, explants and intact plant cell can be used as a target for gene transfer.







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