Genepro 2000He
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Genepro 2000He is a particle bombardment apparatus designed to assist researchers in genetic transformation experiments. Using indigenously developed and cost-effective technology, it is already yielding excellent results in genetic transformation of crops such as sorghum, millet, safflower, sunflower, castor etc., in various reputed Indian institutions.

Genepro 2000He is an excellent tool to introduce useful genes into economically important field crop species such as legumes, millet, cotton, banana/plantain, rice, wheat, sorghum, barley, cassava, yam, potato, maize as well as sweet potato, tulip, picea, abies, castor etc. and animal cells too can be transformed. This technique is particularly useful in monocotyledonous crops and is a promising method for the development of superior plants, improve the productivity of recalcitrant plant species such as most cereals, soybean etc., insect resistance, nutritional quality and to enhance already existing traits.

Genepro 2000He units are currently being used in the laboratories of national and international crops research institutes, universities and the Indian institute of technology (IIT).

Genepro 2000He Functional Components

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