Key features and functional advantages

User friendly. No special training is required. Students as well as scientists can use
the apparatus with ease.

Absence of moving components reduces consumables, helium consumption, clean-up
time and cycle time, leading to low operating costs and high productivity.

The device has no moving components to support or carry the particles; the force
required to accelerate the particles is therefore reduced.
Precise control of the helium discharge to enable more consistent accelerations while
reducing tissue damage/displacement.
Wide range of helium pressure can be selected.
Fine adjustment provided to set distance of target tray.
Minimum preparation required between successive bombardment cycles.
DNA coated micro particles are directly accelerated in a stream of helium.
Transient transformation of a variety of different plant tissues can be achieved.
High efficiency and stable transformation through hard cell walls
Affordable and easy to acquire, Genepro 2000He is functional and reliable.
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