Genepro 2000He - Applications


GENEPRO 2000He is an excellent tool to introduce useful genes into such field crops as rice, wheat, sorghum, barley, cassava, yam, potato, maize as well as sweet potato, tulip, Picea, Abies, castor, etc. This technique is particularly useful in monocotyledonous crops and is a promising method for the development of transgenic plants to improve their productivity. Theoretically, any type of cell, tissue or explant can be used as a target for gene transfer.

The GENEPRO 2000He particle acceleration apparatus has been developed using indigenous technology. This cost-effective and adaptable device is both simple to use and easy to maintain in spite of its extended features. Practically all its functions are automated and simplified, making it an ideal system typically for university research purposes in India. In terms of both initial capital investment and operating costs, GENEPRO 2000He offers significant savings over comparable systems.

GENEPRO 2000He is an invaluable aid to researchers in biotechnology who need to use the particle bombardment technique and can be a key addition to the genetic engineering research facilities of any organization.

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